Family Child Care

Being a family child care provider can be a satisfying career. You can make a big difference in the lives of the children and parents you work with. It is also a chance to own and run your own business. Many family child care providers start their business while they still have young children of their own. They often continue to provide family child care long after their own children are grown. We offer an 11 week training where we go over everything you need to know to open and run a Family, or Group Child Care Program. We will go over New York State regulations and help you with the paperwork. For more information Click Here.

Child Care Centers

Running a child care center is like running a very busy small business. It is much more than that it’s making a commitment to be an important part of the lives of children. A successful child care manager is an early childhood educator, business manager, fiscal administrator, safety and health officer and building architect. We will help you through the process of starting and running a center.

1 Training programs and workshops on many topics of interest
2 Food and nutrition programs for child care providers
3 Information on state licensing and regulations
4 Assisting you in developing your Health Care Plan and obtaining a MAT (Medication Administration Training) license or registration
5 On-site observation and assistance.
6 Coaching for family group and center based programs
7 60 Hour Business Training
8 Assistance in planning and arranging your child care environment.
9 Referring parents who are seeking child care to your programs
10 Assistance in planning and implementing curriculum.
11 Assistance developing a new infant or toddler program.
12 Assistance working with a specific infant/toddler/ staff person or parent.
13 Opportunities for professional development
14Assistance in planning personal professional development
15 Infant Toddler Series Training series of workshops on topics relevant to the care and education of infants and toddlers

We also offer

1 Health and Safety Training fifth-teen Hours or thirty Hours Renewal Training
2 CPR Certification
3 eleven Week sixty Hours child care business development training