One-on-One coaching and counseling

Clients are able to meet with our highly skilled counselors and obtain ongoing, free assistance to review any facet of their business. Our staff will work to understand your business needs and provide solutions specific to them. Whether you are starting or expanding your business, our counselors will work with you and provide the resources necessary to make impactful and actionable decisions.

Gaining Capital

Many clients want to access capital to start or grow their business. We have developed relationships with a number of financial institutions to facilitate that need. Our staff will work with you to prepare financial information and position your business to provide you with the best chance to succeed. Some of the financial institutions we work with are NYBDC, Kiva Zip, the Brooklyn Cooperative, BOC Capital, TD bank and Carver Bank.

Workshops, Seminars, Webinars

We offer events on topics that are critical to better business management. We recently held one on Access to capital where two financial institutions provided excellent insight to attendees about what they look for in a client and what is needed to access capital. We will have a number of workshops along with our ongoing webinar series. Check our Event calendar for more information.

Applying for MWBE Certification

BBC works with clients to certify their businesses as Minority and Women Business Enterprises. This is a major program of New York State and City to provide contracts to qualified firms. We assist with the 3 in 1 application to certify you with the State, the City and the oport Authority.

Pro Bono Legal services

The BBC has forged relationships with major New York City law firms that provide pro-bono legal assistance to clients. Upon qualification, a client can describe the type of services required, such as corporate formation or lease review, and work with a lawyer from one of these firms to accomplish their goals.

Business Planning & Implementation

We provide ongoing assistance in developing business plans and their implementation. We also offer a 60-hour Business Planning course to help you plan, build and grow your enterprise. The course uses NxLevel materials and our goal is for clients to write a business plan.